Platte County 4-H’ers hit the bullseye at the State Shoot

William Knowlton shooting Archery 3D targets at state shoot in Douglas.


DOUGLAS – Fourteen Platte County 4-H’ers hit the bullseye at the 4-H state shoot competition July 11-14.  The state shoot contest brings over 500 youth from across the state together for 3 days of competition in Douglas for individual and team efforts.  Shooting sports is one of the most popular projects in Wyoming, and the state shoot contest is the culmination of youth’s efforts in these projects.  
4-H’ers participating in shooting sports projects have the opportunity to learn firearm safety, shooting skills, and marksmanship under the direction of dedicated volunteers.  Members can participate in air rifle, .22 rifle, air pistol, .22 pistol, shotgun, muzzleloader, and archery.  Shotgun leader Matthew Johnson commented on Platte County 4-H’ers efforts, “All the kids improved their skills and shot well.  I am proud of their efforts.”  If you are interested in the 4-H Shooting Sports program, contact Stacy Buchholz at the Platte County Extension Office, (307) 322-3667 or [email protected]
Air Rifle, Light Target:
Intermediate Rank 24: Huston Kuehler
Senior Rank 16: Libby Logan
Senior Rank 32: Raylee Buchannan
.22 Rifle, Sporter:
Intermediate rank 22: Huston Kuehler
.22 Rifle, Light Target:
Intermediate rank 13: William Knowlton
Senior rank 3: Libby Logan
Air Pistol:
Intermediate rank 22: Huston Kuehler
Senior rank 27: Libby Logan
Senior rank 45: Raylee Buchannan
.22 Pistol:
Intermediate rank 10:  William Knowlton
Intermediate rank 34: Huston Kuehler
Senior rank 13: Libby Logan
Shotgun Handicap:
Intermediate rank 7: Hunter Call
Intermediate rank 10: Jacob Mann
Intermediate rank 14: Jessie Graves
Intermediate rank 40: William Knowlton
Intermediate rank 45: Tyler Sanborn
Intermediate rank 55: Tristin Whitaker
Senior rank 46: Zeke Wardell
Senior rank 99: Savannah May
Shotgun Singles:
Intermediate rank 2: Jacob Mann
Intermediate rank 7: William Knowlton
Intermediate rank 23: Tyler Sanborn
Intermediate rank 24: Hunter Call
Intermediate rank 44: Jessie Graves
Intermediate rank 67: Tristin Whitaker
Senior rank 41: Zeke Wardell
Senior rank 105: Savannah May
Shotgun Junior Team:
Rank 2: Hunter Call, Jessie Graves, Jacob Mann, William Knowlton, Tristin Whitaker
Intermediate rank 3: William Knowlton
Archery, Class A:
Senior Target rank 3: Libby Logan
Senior 3D rank 7: Libby Logan
Archery Class C:
Junior Target rank 7: Emma Stoneking
Junior 3D rank 9: Emma Stoneking
Archery Class D:
Intermediate Target rank 7: William Knowlton
Intermediate Target rank 70: Tomas Martinez
Intermediate 3D rank 9: William Knowlton
Intermediate 3D rank 73: Tomas Martinez
Senior Target rank 82: Raylee Buchannan
Senior Target rank 86: Chelsea Martinez
Senior 3D rank 77: Raylee Buchannan
Senior 3D rank 85: Chelsea Martinez
Outdoor Skills:
Intermediate rank 44: William Knowlton
Senior rank 7: Libby Logan
Raton Shooting Sports Award Trip:
Libby Logan


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