Platte County 4-H hosts Women in Ag symposium

Left to right: Ethan Van Why, Kayla Mantle, Holly Kennedy, Karen Wedemeyer and Megan Sagner. Courtesy photo

PLATTE COUNTY — The Platte County 4-H Leadership Team hosted the 4th Annual Women in Ag Symposium on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the First State Bank Community Center. The Leadership Team members - consisting of Megan Sagner, Cam Micklesen, Haylie Louthan and Ethan Van Why met and made a list of the women they would like to hear from. The potential speakers were then cold called and asked if they would be willing to give their time for a few hours on a Saturday in October. The three speakers that were selected this year were Holly Kennedy, Karen Wedemeyer and Kayla Mantle.  

Holly Kennedy spoke about how she didn’t meet all her education goals, because other opportunities kept opening for her. She encouraged the youth in the audience to be intentional about their goals and then be fearless about pursuing their dreams. She talked about the power of an email and putting yourself out there to gain the opportunities to follow your passion.  

The second speaker, Karen Wedemeyer, gave a powerful, boots on the ground, look into a family agricultural operation. She told of her family’s long agricultural history. She encouraged the listeners to be open to educational opportunities in all forms. She explained that to be successful you always need to be learning and growing in various ways. She encouraged the youth to take every opportunity that comes their way to learn anything and everything. She said, if you get an opportunity to attend a workshop that you might not be that interested in, still attend, because you might learn about something you need to know in the future.   

The Symposium was concluded with a talk by Kayla Mantle, who told of growing up in Wheatland and coming from the country, but not a true agricultural operation, and how hard work and dedication is the great equalizer in agriculture. She gave advise to the 4-Hers in the audience to dare to make a difference in their communities. To dare to lead when called upon regardless of their age and find a passion worthy of their time and talents.  

The Leadership Team is already making a list of their heroes to be asked for the next Women in Ag Symposium, and so they hope to see you in a Saturday in October in 2024 at the next Women in Ag Symposium. 

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