Plans move forward for Historic District, mini-golf course

WHEATLAND – The Wheatland Town Council met on Monday, and approved the first reading on a resolution 808, which would establish a Wheatland Historic Preservation Commission as part of an effort to establish the downtown area as a national historic district.
Linda Fabian, who is part of a group behind the efforts to establish a historic district, said that the eventual establishment of a historic district in the area would ultimately help the local economy and tourism industry.
“The Downtown area is the heart and soul of our community and there is a lot of heritage and tourism available to our community and the people visiting it,” she said.
Several other residents in the community spoke in favor of the ordinance.
“I think one of the things we need to really try to do do is direct people downtown,” said Rick Robbins.  
“If we can do that through the Preservation Commission, then it will be a wonderful move for the Town.”
Fabian said that the Preservation Commission is a required first step when establishing a historic district downtown.  The Commission would spearhead efforts to hire a professional historical consultant, who would take a survey of the area and inventory the historic buildings in the proposed district.
Addressing concerns and questions from the Town Council members, Fabian said that the establishment of a historic district would not encroach on property owners’ rights, and would not prevent the sale or demolition of any buildings downtown, and there would be no required federal access to any of the properties.
The Council approved the first reading, and will further review several sections of the ordinance at the May meeting during the second reading.
In other business, plans for a new miniature golf park continued forward, as the Council designated land on Eighth Street, within the boundaries of Lewis Park, as the future site of the course.
Originally, an area of land adjacent to the Municipal Pool was proposed, however, Mayor Joe Fabian said that the ADA requirements for the site would reduce the options for the course.  Additionally, access to electrical service, as well as public restroom facilities were more optimal at the Lewis Park site.
Mayor Fabian added that the construction of the course would be part of ongoing development in that area to further enhance Lewis Park.
Wheatland Parks and Recreation will be in charge of providing staff for the facility, while the Town will assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance on the property.
The Town approved the land for the future site, and a Committee will be formed to organize the community funding and construction of the course.

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