Photographs from 1922 show a window into Glendo’s early days

Glendo's first mayor, George J. Snyder and his wife.

GLENDO – Having always had a passion for history, Jeanette Chambers has much to contribute to celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the town of Glendo’s incorporation, June 18. 2022 marks this centennial anniversary, and photographs from 1922 reveal the early days of the town when it was first incorporated.

The Oregon, California, and Mormon trails all were south of Glendo, passing through a stage station. The settlement that sat by Horseshoe Creek was originally named Bellewood. The name Glendo comes from the Gaelic word for valley (glean). When a railroad station was built in town, William Kidd named the station Glendo.

Chambers (née Martindale) has collected many photos over the years and has photos of Glendo 1922, depicting the town’s early era. Chambers also has documents about the town and its people, such as Snyder, and the town’s history.

Chambers has worked with the Glendo Historical Museum since about 1965 and has been chairman of the board for many years. She started working for the museum when it started. Her family also has many artifacts that are in the museum.

“Whenever I see a picture that I like, of Glendo and it tells something about the early days and so on, I borrow it from the person and get it copied,” explained Chambers. “I made up different booklets of pictures.”

Photographs show Ben Collins (circa 1918) and Elizabeth, his mother, and who were the proprietors of the town’s Mountain View Motel (later called the Collins Hotel). Another shows John Moran and another street-view photograph captures his store, J.T. Moran, a hardware and general store.

Another shows Wilson Cash Store, the town’s general retail and grocery store from 1923, including the proprietor, J.R. Wilson, and his tow sons. One photograph also shows his homestead. In 1919, Wilson came to Wyoming and settled just north of Glendo.

There are also photographs of George J. Snyder, Sr., Glendo’s first mayor, and his wife. Snyder was born in New York and came to Wyoming in 1901. In 1913, he, along with G. Swallow and Frank Heister, formed the Glendo Lumber Company. Throughout his life in Glendo, he served in a number of roles, including the lumber industry, dry farming, and the Glendo school’s district clerk. The town was incorporated because of people in the town were concerned about land use conflicts, according to Snyder, and this civic concern and engagement went on to inspire the community being involved int the town’s planning process.

One photo shows a list of all the postmasters of Glendo and the times each one served. Apart from serving as Glendo’s first mayor, Snyder also served as a postmaster for the town from 1922-1944.

Finally, another photo shows The Northwest Review from October 1925 and pictures of some of the buildings in Glendo, such as the grade and high school, Glendo State Bank, Glendo’s United Congregational Church, Glendo Hotel, and Glendo’ Mainstreet. It also shows a pictures of the Glendo Ball Team.

“I’ve always been interested in history and especially a lot on Glendo,” said Chambers.

Chambers and some of her neighbors are riding on the Horseshoe Creek float at the parade on Glendo Day.