Outdoor, socially distant activities at the Library

Graham Nix runs down the “racetrack” of the Sensory Sidewalk at the Library. Artist Natalie Iacovetto watches with a smile.

WHEATLAND – While the Platte County Public Library is still waiting to hear if they can hold the summer reading program, the crew in the stacks have come up with some fun summer activities for families to do in the meantime.  
Scavenger hunts, sensory sidewalks and sidewalk chutes and ladders to be exact. Outside the Library at the west entrance is a plastic bin that holds the magic. And dice. In the bin are the clues for the scavenger hunt and materials to play the chutes and ladders game painted on the sidewalk. Further north on the sidewalk are planned activities to keep little minds and feet engaged with a sensory sidewalk. There will be instructions as to what to do on each section. It could be spinning in a circle, stomping, hopping, bear walk (walking with hands and feet), walking backwards, and all sorts of varied actions. The first drawings were done a couple of weeks ago but the sprinklers washed them away. They are now working on making the course with more permanent methods.
Librarian Julie Henion’s grandchildren were on-site to try out the sidewalk as it was being built the first time. Graham, Claire and Juan Nix were all smiles as they sampled each new challenge as it was being drawn and waited excitedly for the next.  
Prizes will also be offered to participants in the sidewalk jaunt. Forms will be in the plastic bin and just need to be filled out with names to be entered in the drawings for weekly prizes. Updates and information may be found on their Facebook page or webpage: www.plattecountylibrary.org. Shilo Weber also has some videos of her reading books aloud on the Facebook page.


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