Our vetting songbird

In The Wind - a weekly column by Mark DeLap

Every now and again I come across a delightful and witty piece on Facebook. This last week I noticed this and simply had to reprint it. Thoughts by Carolyn Teter Williams on our recent winds that did damage to cars and other vehicles, brought trees down and caused many hats to be lost to the 80 mph gusts of wind that came through our county last week.

Personally, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a wicked witch left over from Halloween driving past my second story window.

I think, though that it’s just God’s way of timbering his dead trees and using his massive leaf blower to rid the trees still standing of their dead foliage. I came across a yearling fawn in Guernsey who was trying to stand upright in the wind, motionless and looking at me as if to say…  “what the heck dude?”

And from Carolyn,

Wonderful Wyoming Wednesday (November edition).

After yesterday....well...appropriate. Our entire county moved 12 feet to the east.

How does Wyoming vet the whimsical wanderings of people who want to relocate here? How do we keep the riffraff out, how do we know who belongs? Our vetting process is easy and foolproof!

We have a "Song Bird" that clears her throat annually making sure she is heard and felt far & wide. We are known for her breathy whistles and the not-so-subtle tune she sings....

Who is this saucy Minx I speak of?

Our Wyoming wind.

Wyoming is very windy; we all know that. According to NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Association) 50-60 MPH winds helps the Cowboy State hold the title of windiest state in the country. Wyoming easily produces annual wind speeds statewide of just under 13 mph (summer days)

Yesterday there were "gusts" clocked at 80 mph. (keep in mind Hurricanes sit at about 70mph)

On the high plains of Wyoming we enjoy the breezy gusts of 40-70 mph almost daily in the fall and winter months. If we step out and face west we receive a free exfoliation; saving us hundreds at the local salon.

We mumble and grumble and wish we could hunker down on the "bad" days. We brace when we walk, we know how to park in the grocer’s lot so we can open our car doors! (Yes, you laugh at folks that park wrong too!)

Hate it? No. I LOVE our wind. (I'm not a whacko!) I left our state for many years and I missed that sound. I missed that hum that raps at our windows and doors. I, oddly, compare it to city folks who miss the sound of hustle & bustle, traffic and sirens. We think that's crazy too!

When I moved back, I reveled in it. I chuckled whilst my husband looked for a tornado hovering over the house when our pictures started to rattle on the wall and a tree flew by our living room window "WHAT THE HELL!" he bellowed. "Oh, she's just warming up" I replied.

We do grumble but slyly grin under our winter garb. We know what it takes to be here, to live in hurricane force winds on a calm day. We catch the eye of a passerby and nod, we know.

I won't deny that I enjoy the precious few months that we can picnic without our lawn celebration ending up 6 counties away. Waking in the morning and not finding the neighbors trampoline in your tree. Driving the highway without a death grip on the wheel as we brace for impact while passing a big rig and all the while looking at "napping" rigs on the roadside.

Have no doubt fellow wind masters… she is our guardian, she sings a song you won't soon forget. We have learned to 'Batten down the hatches" and prepare for her coming. She is coming, she sent a little love note just yesterday and we heard her loud and clear. The wind is coming and I will welcome her, carefully, while braced for impact.”


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