New store opens doors in Wheatland

Official opening at Behind the Picket Fence. From left: Linda Fabian, Malachi Haroldson, Audrey Hobbs, Alice Brockhaus, Aleesha Clark and Gretchen Borders.

WHEATLAND – A new option for shopping has popped up on Gilchrist – Behind the Picket Fence.
Alice Brockhaus has channeled her passion for fashion into a consignment store that houses clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, décor and even some DVDs all housed in a historical building. There is a selection of both new and used items; however, some of the consigned items still have the original tags on them so “used” does not really describe the condition.  
The store has been open for a little white, but the ribbon-cutting was just held last Saturday during a blustery, fall morning. Shoppers on Saturday were treated to 10 % off their purchase and had their name put in a drawing for some excellent door prizes.
“There’s something everywhere you look,” explained Brockhaus’ sister, Audrey Hobbs who drove up from Cheyenne to help with the occasion.
The small space is filled to the corners with treasures and possibilities.
“I have 30 consigners and I’m starting to burst at the seams already,” said Brockhaus with palpable excitement. “Wheatland really needed something since Shopko closed. A place to get black pants for a concert or other things that are needed quickly.”
Brockhaus champions her 10-year-old daughter, Aleesha, with being a tremendous help in her new business venture. Helping her with setting up the store, pricing items and wrapping purchases for customers.
“She’s been a great help around the store and it has been a good teaching experience,” Brockhaus shared. “She’s not only learning how to run a business, but that a woman can do it on her own.”
Consigners are offered a 40/60 split in profit and items may be left for three months, after that they may be picked up or donated to the store. If after eight months they have still not been purchased, they are donated to “Needs” in Cheyenne. “Needs” is a food pantry and thrift store that helps people who are struggling, especially woman and children impacted by domestic violence.
Behind the Picket fence is located at 962 Gilchrist in Wheatland and is open Tuesday through Saturday. Be sure to shop local and stop in for the upcoming gift buying season.



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