New Platte County restaurant sells out in grand opening debut

The grand opening of Arena BBQ is in the books and on all three days the new BBQ takeout restaurant was sold out of food. The restaurant is located at 210 Sybille Creek Road in Wheatland. People who called in their orders found more success than those that just dropped in.

ARENA BBQ a huge success

WHEATLAND – A member of the clergy was seen driving out of the Arena BBQ parking lot, steering with his knees and eating his “this ain’t your mama’s mac and cheese” during the grand opening of the new Platte County restaurant last weekend.

Yes, it was that good that you had to wonder if it is going to cause a road hazard because the smells in the car on your way home will make you have to bust open the bag and begin to chow down with both hands while maneuvering the vehicle.

On all three days of the grand opening, the worst-case scenario happened during the success. People had to be turned away because the food had run out. On the second day, the owners Myrle and Birgit Ingle doubled the food prepared the first day and they experienced déjà vu as again Saturday afternoon people came to find the fledgling restaurant without food. The trifecta came on Sunday when the restaurant was mobbed again.

“We just sold everything,” Birgit Ingle said with a shocked smile. “People loved it, so we’re just excited. We already have orders calling in to pre-order the food. It was more than successful, we’re just stoked. We sold out again Sunday! And we had more ribs then Saturday. We are talking about doing Sunday special takeout for families. Like chicken BBQ, corn and smoked potatoes. We also had people come from Cheyenne just to eat here.”

Some of the uniqueness of the new restaurant is the smoker/steamer that Myrle has created. He has been cooking all his life, but hadn’t been able to utilize his culinary talents except for his friends and family as his job on the oil field had him gone to Texas for a good portion of the years he was employed.

When he lost his job recently and COVID hit his ranching business, he took a risk and put his passion and his talents to the test. So far, he has passed with flying colors, creating not only main courses, but sides that compliment and cleanse the palate for the different types of meat he prepares.

Cowboy Myrle will be stoking the fire again this coming weekend and that beautiful brisket, succulent sausage and RIDICULOUS FALL OF THE BONE ribs will be available again. You can also call in pre-orders, which is probably a good idea since the demand has been greater than the supply.

Already a huge success, the planning for the future includes poultry on the menu and even a possibility of a fully-staffed sit-down restaurant. Those things, of course are future considerations as the task at hand is being able to cook enough for the mass of people that have found this treasure on the outskirts of Platte County.

The restaurant is now open Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Arena BBQ is located at 210 Sybille Creek Road in Wheatland. For more information, you can find them on Facebook or to call in an order you can call Birgit (pronounced Beer-Git) at (307) 322-8151.


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