New eatery rolls into Wheatland

There is a new restaurant rolling around Wheatland these days — you might have seen it. A bright blue food truck with the logo “Mile High Fries.”
Wheatland High School graduate Spencer Lawrence, along with his fiancée, Carmen, have jumped into the food truck business with a passion for gourmet French fries.
“My fiancée and I had been struggling, trying to find a place we felt comfortable,” Lawrence explained. “We watched the Food Truck Race and thought about how cool it would be to able to take your business anywhere you want to go.”
They both graduated from the Wyoming Culinary Institute at Sheridan College in Sheridan. Driving in the car one night, their discussion came around to how several gourmet restaurants in bigger cities were offering gourmet fry selections on their menus. Why not a food truck?
The real enjoyment comes from trying new loaded fries recipes and ideas, talking to people and seeing what the public loves to eat. The carne asada is Lawrence’s favorite, but the big seller is the buffalo chicken. Mile High Fries also offers a sandwich special each day for anyone who thinks loaded fries is not a complete meal.
There is a steep learning curve to Lawrence’s new business venture.
“I discovered I don’t know as much as I think I know. You have all this culinary knowledge, I’ll cook good food, keep costs down,” he said. But then the truck broke down. “I’m not a mechanic, but had to learn quickly. You never know what will happen with a food truck. And there is a lot of licensing, how to build a kitchen by myself and learn how to fix equipment. I thought I knew everything, but I hadn’t even scratched the surface.”
The menu varies week to week and is posted each Sunday or Monday on Facebook at The truck is open Tuesday through Sunday and its location varies. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date information.
“This is my hometown; I wanted to start here,” Lawrence said with a grin. “Live how you want to live and work how you want to work.”

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