New chiropractor to practice in Wheatland

Chiropractor Jeffrey Barker in his new office located in Wheatland.

WHEATLAND – A new chiropractor has moved into Wheatland and is excited about helping everyone get aligned and pain-free, especially athletes.
Originally from upstate New York, Jeffrey Barker has worked his way around the U.S. helping Olympic athletes and performers. Even once treating singer Britney Spears before a performance. He has recently moved to Wheatland from Colorado to set up his business here. He and his wife, Dawn, were looking for somewhere to settle to eventually retire with more land and space. That’s when they discovered Wheatland.
“We like the small-town feel – the friendliness of it when we were visiting here and fell in love immediately,” said Dawn with a smile. “It’s so laid back and people know everyone’s name. It’s such a great place.”
Barker first discovered the benefits of chiropractic care when he was a runner in high school. Running on the indoor track hurt his knees and his orthopedic doctor didn’t have an answer. A chiropractor helping with the team noticed his gait was wrong and offered to help. The chiropractor adjusted his body and took away the pain. Barker was able to finish the season and decided to pursue a career in the field, specializing in Sports Chiropractic care.
“I look at a quality of life issue, I can help people with pain,” explained Jeff. “I treat the neuro- musculature skeleton, all the nerves, muscles and joints. It’s about balancing up everything so the nervous system can operate at its peak.”
He has 29 years of experience and is specialized in sports chiropractic. He has worked with the U.S. Olympic Decathalon Team, professional football players and ballet dancers. Jeff has clients that will drive to wherever he is to continue to be treated by him, and only him. A professional go-kart racer set a world record right after he was treated and there are many more success stories.
He accepts cash or credit and is committed to keeping his costs lower than most people’s co-pays. The care is all-inclusive: exam, adjustments and therapy are grouped under one fee.
“We want to be assessible and give what the client needs, to not have the restrictions of the wallet keep them from getting the proper care,” Barker said with conviction. “The patient comes first.”
He is also willing to help when things go awry outside of office hours.
“Injuries don’t make appointments,” Barker said of his willingness to assist on evenings and weekends when he is able. “Most accidents happen on the weekends when we’re not at work.”
His youngest patient was just one-hour old. Chiropractic care has been shown to help with colic and ear infections in infants. “Being able to get the baby to stop crying treats the whole family.”
Platte County Chiropractic is located at 1560 Johnston and appointments are available for Monday, Tuesday and Friday by calling (307) 331-8544.       


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