Natural Reflections in fourth-year of providing care

Cindy Schultz-Arnold, stands in front of her many all-natural herbs that she features at her holistic health beauty and cosmetic store in downtown Wheatland. This is the fourth anniversary for Natural Reflections.

WHEATLAND –Cindy Schultz-Arnold is in her fourth year of running her personal care business in downtown Wheatland that features all-natural bulk herbs, spices, essential oils, butters and health supplements to mention a few of the items that will bring a better quality of life.
“Natural stuff I’ve been pretty much doing it all of my life,” she said. “The store I bought in December of 2017.”
Natural Reflections located at 869 Gilchrist Street is owned by Schultz-Arnold, but occupies a building that is owned by Dan Brecht of the Wandering Hermit bookstore. The store was formerly Celtic Willow.
Schultz-Arnold was born and grew up in Torrington, graduating from THS in 1976. Her initial plan after high school was to pursue a degree in interior design. Although that plan never panned out for her, she has used her skills to organize and to help people to run a successful personal care store.
Some of her specialty items include raw local honey. Made in-house lotions, lip balms, pain salves, Elderberry syrup, nasal inhalers. Her nasal inhalers are used by her husband who had struggled with asthma all his life, but has found relief with this holistic approach to managing his chronic symptoms.
“I kind of retired from bookkeeping and being an office administrator,” she said. “I organized everybody else’s lives, and thought this would be cool. The former owner was moving and she said that I was the only person that she could think of that would do this and do it the way it should be done.”
Schultz-Arnold that worked not only as a bookkeeper, but in construction as a heavy equipment operator and took care of all the maintenance of all the other equipment.
The store has health supplements that are all natural, and thus her moniker, Natural Reflections.
“I also have all-natural foods and all my teas and herbs,” she said. “I don’t think anything qualified me. I have been doing essential oils since 2014 and it’s awesome because those oils know where to go in your body, and so do the herbs. You can take your oils internally as well as topically and aromatically.”
According to Schultz-Arnold, her products cannot only maintain healthy and active bodies, but they can also enhance healing.
In addition to the holistic and healing products at the store, there are also all handmade Native American beaded and braided items. Medallions, dream catchers, earrings, key chains, hat bands, smudging fans, medicine bags and mirror hangers.
To visit Natural Reflections on Facebook, visit their store at:
The store is open Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information call (307) 322-8139.



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