Money embezzled from High Plains Thunder Wrestling Club

Shari DeWitt

WHEATLAND – Allegedly, on our about June 21, 2012 through April 4, 2019, Sharon L. DeWitt made personal, unauthorized purchases with the High Plains Wrestling Club debit card and check book totaling $20,452.77.
The five board members of the HPTWC are Thomas Read, Eric Bohlander, Cameron Huston, Erin Coates and Sharon DeWitt. Three of the five board members reported discrepancies with the club bank statements beginning in 2012 through 2019, believing that DeWitt (club Vice President) skimmed money from tournaments, wrote checks for cash, made ATM withdrawals, performed online purchases and purchases from businesses in Wheatland and in the State of Wyoming that were not club related. All of the board members were investigated by the Division of Criminal Investigation in April 2019.
During those investigations, it was determined that the unauthorized debit card purchases were from DeWitt’s club debit card and written checks in question were signed by DeWitt.

The Platte County and prosecuting attorney, Doug Weaver, is requesting that DeWitt is charged with count one of larceny (While a person entrusted with the control, care, or custody of any money or property; with the intent to steal or deprive the owner of the property; converted the money or property to her own use of another person by using a debit card to purchase or pay for property for her own personal use. Maximum penalty is imprisonment up to six months, fine up to $750.00) for the years 6-21-2012 through 3-13-2013.
Weaver is also requesting that DeWitt be charged with count two (Did knowingly take or exercised unauthorized control over an interest in the property of another person; the value of the property was $1,000.00 or more; with the purpose of depriving the other person of the property. Maximum penalty is imprisonment up to ten years, fine up to $10,000.00) on or between July 29, 2013 and April 4.
A preliminary hearing is scheduled in Circuit Court on Monday, July 1 at 1 p.m. at the Wheatland courthouse.


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