Lummis to run for Senate seat

Cynthia Lummis battled against the wind in Wheatland last week.

WHEATLAND –  Senatorial candidate Cynthia Lummis was in Wheatland last week to talk about what she could bring to the senate for Wyoming if elected.  
“Having served in the U.S. House for eight years, I get to bring my seniority from the House to the Senate along with the relationships in congress to work for Wyoming,” she explained. “I want to help Trump in his second term to advance his, “America First,” agenda.
Lummis decided to not run for a fifth term in the House back in 2017 because her husband had recently died and it was too much to manage her business here at home along with serving in the House. She came back to Wyoming to get her affairs in order and with Enzi deciding to not run again, it was the perfect opportunity for her to re-enter public service with enthusiasm and excitement.
When asked about the future of the coal industry she was adamant that coal will never have the consumption rates of the past here in the U.S. and we should push to get our coal to China and Bangladesh.
“There are more coal fire power plants in the planning stages in China, then the entire European Union combined, China will be a huge market for coal,” Lummis explained. “Our coal burns cleaner than in China, it is environmentally a better choice. I am a strong supporter of the current lawsuit to get access to ports to ship our coal out.”
She is very concerned with the 23 trillion debt our nation now finds itself in. After she left congress, she was invited to serve on a committee for a responsible federal budget. Being involved with this board, she became alarmed at the runaway spending of both parties and their refusal to address the issue. She believes this needs to stop and the government needs to be more fiscally responsible.
She supports Trump in building the wall, but hopes to expand legal immigration. She also agrees with Trump’s view that more constitutionally conservative justices should be appointed. Transportation and healthcare are important issues to her as well.
“Wyoming is a unique place, healthcare is more difficult because of our frontier status.” Lummis said with conviction. “I want to work with Senator Barrasso and Senator Cassidy of Louisiana to work on this. We have to get insurance that travels state lines.”
Lummis lives in Cheyenne, but owns ag land in Platte and Lincoln Counties. She also owns a ranch just outside of Platte County where she comes to relax. Her daughter and her family spend summers there as well.
“Senator Enzi has a record of fiscal responsibility and wowing Washington with what Wyoming does better, including budgeting,” Lummis said with a confident smile. “I want to take up his work and follow his lead.”


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