Local scouts bind together to ‘trash the trash’ at Lewis Park

Local scouts who helped to provide community service: (Back row left to right) Ben Thornell (Assistant Scoutmaster), Mike Montoya (Cubmaster), Jeff Cecil (Scoutmaster) Nathan VanNatter, Jackson Donnelly, Brady Donnelly, Ian Donnelly, Justin Cecil, Sal Fuentes (Middle row left to right) Emily Morris, Erin Morris, Joanna Countryman, Caius Adkins, Jaxon Keller, Karson Anderson, Will Becker, Brayden Anthony, James Tolle & Joseph Montoya (Front row from left to right) Lucy Countryman, Mitchell Becker, Angel-Leah De La Garza, Cabela Appleton, Sylas Appleton, Aleia Owens-Welch, Harper Tolle, Shailee Jenkins & Courtney Fulginiti (Girl Scout Troop Administrator/Leader)

WHEATLAND – The local scouts service project included Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who banded together to help clean up Lewis Park in preparation for the busy summer season.

With the weather beginning to be favorable and festivals, pickleball and picnics on the docket for a busy summer season, the scouts created a fresh palette for the landscape. All together the scouts cleaned out 20 bags of trash.

The turnout for this year was outstanding and compared to last year with participation of only four scouts, the job exemplified the old adage that many hands create light work.

This year Cub Scout Pack 27, Boy Scout Troop 47 and Girl Scout Troop 1320 of Wheatland joined in the cleanup operations. Additionally there were some other siblings and parents that did not make the picture, but it was a great effort to keep Lewis Park trash-free. 

“We had a great time grilling hot dogs after,” said Stefanie Anderson from First State Bank who helped organize the event.  “All of our scouts participated with a positive attitude, and it was so nice to see all of these scouts come together for this project.”

According to the Scoutstrashthetrashday.org website, “Scouts Trash the Trash Day is an international Messengers of Peace project for Scouts around the world, where each Scout is challenged to bring a friend or family member along and pick up at least one Kilo (2.2 pounds) of trash each on the first Saturday in May.

“The idea for Scouts Trash the Trash Day came from the scouts of Troop 1206 in Helena, Montana after realizing that there are several days throughout the year that Scouts get together and do the same thing on the same day. Days like Jamboree on the Air and Internet, Jamboree on the Trail, Trees for the World, World Neckerchief Day, but there was not a day for Scouts to all get together and clean up their communities. Thus Scouts Trash the Trash Day was started. Scouts are asked to bring a non-scout with them on this day of service in order to double the impact of their trash cleaning effort.

“Scouts Trash the Trash Day is about more than just cleaning our planet, it is a day to show the world what Scouting is about, educate individuals about Scouting and recruit new boys, girls and adults into the Scouting movement.”


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