Lawsuit filed against the Town of Guernsey

CHEYENNE - There has been a civil law suit filed in federal court April 9 that alleges the forced ouster of former Guernsey Chief of Police, Terri Van Dam and Guernsey police Sgt. Misty Clevenger.
The story and background of the alleged allegations brought forth by Van Dam and Clevenger were published in articles in The Guernsey Gazette Feb. 18 and Feb. 25.  In a letter of resignation written by Van Dam, she stated that she felt forced to resign because of an accusation against her for investigation of unethical acts and conduct by town employees and corruption of public officials.
The alleged unethical acts by town employees and council members may have included accessing “sensitive law enforcement email communications,” according to Clevenger. She also stated that the department has reported that information to state and federal employees.
Clevenger also said in the Feb. 18 article, “I’m hindered from doing my job because all avenues of communication have been compromised.”
According to that same article, the town said that “all allegations are in the process of or have been, investigated and to date- there has been no substantiation of any allegation made against the Town of Guernsey.
Van Dam resigned Jan. 15 and had been at her position as PC since January 2018.
Mayor Nicholas Paustian said during the Feb. 18 council meeting that Van Dam was “very insubordinate” in her position and also stated that there were budget conflicts and that she didn’t follow directions in turning in a work schedule.
“I need to know what is going on in our town. It’s very simple for me to do It’s very simple for the chief to do. It’s always been done and it will continue to be done.”


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