Last day of school celebrated with Glendo parade

Driving the classic Mustang convertible in the Glendo parade is Tess Palen with classmate Rachel Hill in the passenger seat, and Emma Noyce flying high in the Eagle costume, the mascot of Glendo school.

GLENDO –  The sleepy little fishing and recreational town of Glendo came alive with activity last Friday at 8:30 a.m. when people lined the streets and fishing boats being inspected had to yield to the celebration that was taken to the streets by the students, teachers and administrators of Glendo School.
The last day of school became             a community event May 28 as the students and teachers provided a “Last Day of  School Field Day Parade” that wound from Glendo school, toward the fairgrounds, down Main Street and then finally back to the school for the final day of class for the 2020-21 school year.
Just as the BNSF train was going through the town on the west side of Main Street, people could hear the sirens being blasted from the Platte County Sheriff’s truck that was leading the parade. The crowds of people who had been standing in low 40-degree temperatures for almost a half-hour let go a cheer when the procession turned the corner from the fairgrounds and headed down Main Street.
Shouts of “here they come” from excited parents who were watching their children riding on floats, in boats and even on a surf board being     
pulled on a rope be-  hind a pontoon boat on a trailer were heading down Main Street on the final day of the school year.
For the last day, students would live out their current grade level and that afternoon, they would return home with a new grade-level distinction.
For a small town and a school that has only 43 students, the faculty, administration and students put on quite a show for the parents, townspeople and unsuspecting fishermen waiting to go try their luck at Glendo Reservoir. They were taken by surprise by the closed off streets and shouting crowds when they had begun their day expecting quiet waters and certainly had a story to tell that evening as they would explain to their families that their day began with a huge parade in a sleepy little village with lots of school spirit.



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