Laramie River Station workers come to the pool rescue

The Wheatland pool had to be shut down for repairs during one of the hottest stretches of the summer. The inner workings of the pump failed and although a new pump had been approved by the Wheatland town council last month, it was not ordered. Pictured were Eric Bohlander, Brandon Graves, Levi Mickelsen, and Braden Fagenbush.

WHEATLAND – During last month’s council meeting, the Wheatland board OK'd the allocation of $15,000 for a new pump for the city’s pool.

Parks and Recreation Director Steve Pollock said that the pump was having some problems.

“We knew we were having some problems with it, and wanted to get ahead of the curve, so to speak,” Pollock said. “We went to the city and they allocated the purchase of a new pump just in case ours went bad. Well, before they could order it, our pump went out.”

The pool had to be shut down on Wednesday night after the pool closed and it had to remain closed while the pump was out. It happened during one of the hottest few days of the summer with heat indexes well over 100 degrees.

It was then that Braden Fagenbush and his supervisor at Laramie River Station came to the rescue. They found people to donate for the parts needed to repair the existing pump, and the labor was donated. It was not only Fagenbush that was in on the repairs.

“Jeremy (Perkins) who is a mechanic and Joe (Suko) were huge assets to the success of this rebuild,” Fagenbush said. “Without these two, this project doesn’t happen.”

People who helped in the rescue of the pool repairs were Plant Manager - Levi Mickelsen Maintenance Superintendent- Jerrod Isaak, Warehouse Supervisor- Braden Fagenbush, Maintainer Supervisor- Tom Haeffelin, Planner- Eric Bohlander, Mechanic- Jeremy Perkins and Electrician- Joe Suko

This overhaul alleviated the need for a new pump and the overhaul should keep the pool up and running for a long time.


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