Jesse W. Johnson

Jesse W. Johnson  -  Born in Woodbury, Tenn. Feb. 8, 1940 which he described as a humble beginning as a Tennessee hillbilly. Jesse grew up near Murfreesboro with his father making moonshine and his family gathering foods from the land where they lived, poke salad and anything wild that was on four legs. Moonshine was a staple medicinal on the kitchen table as well as pole cat (skunk) oil and mustard packs. His colorful life included running moonshine made in his father’s still, a brief time in the US Army overseas, embalmer of medical cadavers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., a long career in the movie industry in California, worked coal mines in Price, Utah, playing Santa Claus to many in Murfreesboro region along with Santa’s helper, his wife Dolores, and enjoyed yearly pilgrimages to Sturgis motorcycle rally in Sturgis S.D.
Jesse was generous, eclectic, entertaining and was much in life like the energizer bunny. His unique personality made him popular with many Hollywood movie stars such as being taught to ski by Robert Redford in Sundance Utah, he was driver and stunt man for Burt Reynolds in many of his movies and Jesse was requested by Veronica Hamill to participate with her in performances/movies.
He lived a comfortable life with his talent to make people’s junk into other people’s treasures. Jesse with his wife, Dolores, retired in 1997 from Murfreesboro, Tenn. to live a mini ranch lifestyle in Chugwater.
In retirement they continued their generous lifestyle with travels, being good Samaritans along I-25, enjoying family and friends, and being honored for his outstanding service and 50+ years as a Mason.
On Oct. 15, Jesse joined his beloved wife, Dolores, who passed away Oct. 28, 2015. Jesse leaves behind his son, Jesse Johnson Jr, his daughter Laurie, and his four stepchildren, Kurt Carlson (Gail), Candy Carlson-Smith (Coyote), Carol Defa (Larry) and Kristin Carlson, along with his three grandchildren, great grandchildren and loving niece and nephews.


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