Impaired driver takes out pole, trees

Man under the influence drives truck into utility pole on 9th Street.

WHEATLAND – One less power pole and two less trees on Wheatland’s 9th Street and a nice blue pickup in need of a great deal of front end work—that’s the result of the pickup hitting those immoveable objects last Thursday night, March 26.
Rich Lewis and Wayne Long were sitting at the table in front of the used furniture store across the street. The two saw the entire thing. “No brakes.  He was coming from the north when all of a sudden he veered across the street. Linda Fabian had just turned the corner on foot heading east.  She could have so easily been hit,” Lewis said.
The driver was taken into custody and appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. On closer inspection, the truck hit the pole, which took out the two trees about halfway up. One of the trees smashed through a window at Public Health. Town employees boarded the window up for now and the glass will be repaired at a later date.
Linda Fabian was shaken but unhurt.
“I had just turned the corner to the east and I heard a huge, scary noise that sounded like metal and I turned around and saw the light pole bouncing on the street,” Fabian explained. “When you hear something like that behind you, it feels like you’re being attacked or something. I’m so glad the driver had his seatbelt on or he would have been flown into the tree. I didn’t even see him coming. God and his angels were certainly watching out for me.”


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