I-25 chase with speeds up to 144 mph ends near Douglas

DOUGLAS  (WNE) — It started in Platte County, between Chugwater and Wheatland, when a traveler called law enforcement to report a white motorcycle racing at high speeds headed north on I-25. 

It ended when the bike ran out of gas near Douglas. 

Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers kept a watch for the speeding biker when Trooper Adam Watson caught sight of it north of Wheatland. 

“The motorcycle passed Trooper Watson going 120 mph,” WHP Lt. Randy Starkey said. “He (the biker) sped up and was recorded going 144 mph on the radar.” 

The chase began at mile post 89 and ended at mile post 146. In that time, the biker allegedly ran one pickup off the road into the median between Orin Junction and the Platte County line, according to Starkey. 

While three WHP troopers were giving chase, Converse County Sheriff’s Office and Douglas Police Department officers blocked off exits to make sure that the speedster couldn’t divert to another road. 

The chase ended with no injuries when the motorcycle simply ran out of gas, according to Starkey. 

“We’re happy that the chase ended and the driver was taken into custody without incident,” he said. 

Brandon Barmettler of Greeley, Colorado, was arrested and charged with a variety of crimes, including no registration, no insurance, speeding, reckless driving and committing a felony with possession of a firearm, according to Starkey. 

Additional charges may be pending.

 “When he stopped, we searched his belongings and found a felony amount of suspected methamphetamine,” Starkey said. 

Barmettler is in the Platte County jail awaiting charges there before appearing in Converse County for charges as a result of the pursuit.