Huge honeycomb found in Platte County Public Library

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By Jacob Hamel | Editor

WHEATLAND — It has been known by Platte County Public Library staff for several years that there was a bee hive above the ceiling tiles in one of the back rooms where books are kept.
The hive has recently been inactive, but in mid-May, library staff noticed something dripping from the ceiling, and they were fairly confident that it was honey. After having a maintenance man drill into the ceiling for further inspection, large amounts of honey poured out of the hole.
Some of the tiles were later removed, exposing a huge honeycomb several feet long.
Bee professionals were asked to come clean the honeycomb out of the ceiling and prevent bees from returning to the location.
The ceiling tiles have yet to be replaced, but library staff kept some of the honeycomb to be showcased in a shadow box after the room is back to normal. They plan to name the room “The Bee Room,” where the honeycomb will be showcased with information about the situation.
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ABOVE: Even though Platte County Public Library staff have been aware of a past bee problem for many years, they didn’t expect something of this size to be found above one of the ceiling tiles.

(Photo by Shilo Weber)

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