HOMESPUN - WY Food Coalition

The Wyoming Food Coalition discusses their direction and the goal of keeping Wyoming dollars, products and talent home in Wyoming.

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Our television program HOMESPUN hosts some heavy hitters this week as we discuss ways to keep Wyoming food, dollars and talent IN Wyoming. The Wyoming Food Coalition was explained and a panel of local experts met for the local web-based television program, HOMESPUN to discuss the goal of keeping Wyoming dollars and talent in the state. The panel also discussed the need to get small and medium food processors back to work to try to alleviate international shipping costs and broker firms who are causing food costs to go up in America. From left to right, Retired Colonel and current Volunteer in Service to America, Dr. Gleyn Bledsoe Engr, MBA, CPA, PhD, and VISTA for the Wyoming Food Coalition, Dr. Barbara Rasco, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming, Shonda Boyd, Developer United States Meat and Produce Marketplace, Clayton L. Jons, University of Wyoming extension horticulturist.