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Trista Mattern in front of her new business venture, 307 Home Care, Inc. located on 9th Street in Wheatland.

WHEATLAND – The clean air and small-town atmosphere has drawn former Wheatland resident, Trista Mattern, to open her new business downtown at 709 9th Street.
Hoping to fill a niche needed for a town populated with senior citizens, 307 Home Care, Inc is a home-owned agency that helps in caring for the elderly in their homes. She originally worked with another home care business that recently left town.
“I see the need for it in the community,” Mattern explained. “I’ll do whatever it takes for my business to be a contributing part of the community and get the people the care they need.”
She has an infant daughter who suffers from underdeveloped lungs and doctors told her it would be better for her to move from the smog of Denver to the clean air of Wyoming. She recently earned an Associate’s degree in accounting and had planned to further her education with an advanced business degree. In the interest of her daughter’s health, she switched gears and goals with now looking to work towards a degree in nursing while operating her new business. Mattern worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant while attending college so she is not a stranger to health care.
What is home care? It is sometimes confused with home health care which requires medical professionals to administer medications and must be ordered by a doctor. Home care is more of a companion-based service offering day-to-day assistance in meals, bathing, dressing, pet care and light housekeeping.
Mattern is currently looking to hire more employees to cover the households she cares for in and around Platte County.  
“I’m looking for people with experience giving care to the elderly or to children who are compassionate and caring. People who are willing to go above and beyond,” she said. “I am happy to train someone if I feel they are the right fit.”
The service cannot be paid for through Medicare, but she plans to operate on a sliding scale to offer reduced –rate care for seniors on a budget.
“They want to remain in the home where they have built their life and have all their memories. I’m here to offer that, that’s the goal.”


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