Goodbye, old friend, Shopko officially closing

Ton Winter
[email protected]

WHEATLAND – The town is losing its last-minute birthday party gift, school supplies, crafts and any number of categories catch-all store. Shopko is closing its doors June 15.
Shopko filed for bankruptcy in January of this year and closed 100 stores and all pharmacies including the pharmacy here in Wheatland. The corporation hoped that with reconstructing the company another buyer might step up and buy the struggling Wisconsin-based chain. However, the public auction was called off and the announcement was made that the company would be liquidating its assets and closing all stores.
The sign out in front of the store advertises up to 30 percent off. Inside the discount ranges from nothing, 10 percent and on up. As the closing date approaches, the discount will most likely go up. The shelves have been looking more bare than before over the last month with several items being out-of-stock. They do have another truck of merchandise scheduled to arrive this week, but it is not known if that will be the last delivery. They also do not know if they will be receiving plants for the upoming spring planting season. They do have colorful lawn ornaments and sculptures on display.
Genia Vineyard, owner of Simply Creative, has been asking residents what products they will miss most in the possibility that area merchants may be able to add to their current items to  somewhat fill the void that will be left when the popular store closes permanently.
The community will mourn the loss of yet another business from our small town streets and the building will be left standing empty and forlorn.


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