Glendo students experience fish and game expo

Jenna Guenther learning to use bear spray. Glen2: Jacob Meredith learns about animal hides

CASPER – Glendo students had a chance to take a trip to Casper and learn more about the wild world of Wyoming that provides endless opportunities for them.

On May 6, Glendo students from kindergarten to high school received some hands-on and valuable lessons at the 2022 Game and Fish Expo in Casper.

Back from its covid induced hiatus for the last two years, the Game and Fish expo again amazed everyone with their selection of experts that captured student’s imagination at the educational booths and demonstrations.

Many were primal lessons on how to survive and how to function in a real world, one separated from the digital make believe. The knowledge and experience gained by the students will be the kind that lasts a lifetime.

They learned everything from how outfitters take people into the backcountry to various fish species to navigation by a compass. Some students opted for canoeing while others learned how to shoot skeet. Schools don’t really teach these skills in the regular classroom, so it was a great learning experience for everyone, including the teachers.