Glendo seniors leave a living legacy

Glendo high school students decided to help the 2022 seniors leave a legacy as they graduate this year. Left to right: Jaiden Meredith-senior, Braydin Swaner-freshmen, Ally Meier-senior, Lila Boucher-freshmen, Rachel Hill-junior, Ryder Asbury-freshmen, Isabella Boucher-senior, Morgan Hamar-senior.

GLENDO – The four seniors who are graduating later this month got together and decided that their legacy would be alive and well years after they graduated.

A legacy that they could one day come back and visit and know they made a difference.

“The legacy project was started three years ago when these guys were sophomores,” said Cathy Herstead, a teacher at Glendo School. “They asked what would we want to do or leave for the town as a class and as a goodbye for them. They decided to plant trees.”

The kids then sent out a flier explaining that they were going to raise money for a class prom, class trip and the legacy project. They raised enough money to buy eight trees for the park near the Veteran’s Memorial and also raised enough money to buy the materials to make a bench which they are still in the process of building.

“Our class decided that instead of just going on our senior trip, and instead of just making something random, we would plant trees,” said Glendo senior Jaiden Meredith who has been at Glendo school since kindergarten. “We wanted something that when we come back, we could see how our gift has grown and when we do come back, it’s actually a cooler project. In the future we want our kids to come and hang out under our trees. It would be really cool just to see how our trees grow and it keeps us more connected to the town.”

The senior class also had enough money to do a day trip, raising $3042. The group is going to Fort Fun in Fort Collins which is an amusement park this week.

“We’re going to get there and have a nice lunch,” she said. “Then we’ll go to Fort Fun and then get fast food on the way back and come home.”

A well earned trip for a group of seniors who have sown life.