Glendo Fly-In enjoys clear weather

Ton Winter/Record-Times Spectators watch as a plane takes off at the Glendo Airport.

GLENDO – The Glendo Fly-In has changed through the years to being an event with hot air balloons to one of airplanes, but the enthusiasm of the participants and attendees has not waned.
This weekend’s festivities had a few changes due to high wind, but it didn’t hamper the high spirits.
Saturday had flour bombing. A plane would drop bags of flour and then pilots would try and hit the bags mid-air with the props of their planes.
Sky Divers showed their skills at jumping out of planes unscathed, but struggled with  accomplishing too many formations because of wind blowing them off course.
The kids at the event enjoyed the “Toy Drop.” Airplanes dropped toys from the air attached to miniature parachutes and the younger set ran onto the field to collect the treasures.
“I got a little bear with a little football and a regular sized football too, “said Tra Bauder witht a grin.
On Sunday, small planes could be seen taking off from the clear grassland and circling about before coming back down.
 A free lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers and sides was served by volunteers for anyone present at the Thomas Memorial Airport.


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