Everywhere we look, some kind of tragedy is taking place. In other nations, in America, and closer to home, even in our own towns. The enemy is causing disaster, despair, and destruction of property and lives. I lived without Jesus Christ in my life for many years, and I cannot imagine living without Him now! Without Jesus, there is no eternal purpose to life. Oh, we might have things going the way we want at the moment, but no Jesus, no hope for eternity. Eternity is a very long time so we all need to give serious thought to where we are going to spend it.

But putting one’s trust in Jesus brings a great purpose! No matter what happens, good or bad, believers have hope and Jesus is His name! When we understand this truth and live this truth, we are to share this truth with others. We must be ready to bring encouragement to others, lifting those who are in need or are beaten down by life. We all need encouragement to continue going forward when overwhelming situations arise.

The Lord encourages us throughout our journey with Him. Christ has already overcome the world and won the victory for us. He gave us our manual for success (Bible) full of His promises for our faith to arise causing good courage to overcome all. So let’s get in His Word today and stand on His promises, and encourage those around us to do the same!

So now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified. Acts 20:32

 Dr. Judy Baus is the author of four books on salvation, faith, and Holy Spirit: "From Rags to Riches" "Faith, Does It Really Move Mountains?" “On the Road Again with God” and “Path of the Spirit.” She and her husband Vic, who was born and raised in Wheatland, started Good News Ministries, Inc. in the early 1990's. Visit Judy’s Website www.judybaus.org


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