Dowtown businesses move, expand, return and start new

Pat Mitchell
Contributing writer

WHEATLAND – It’s not only the beautiful flower pots that have bloomed downtown. Economic changes are shooting up in the area around Wheatland’s second stoplight. Here are some highlights on each; individual stories will come at their openings.
The Wild Whisk has moved out of the oldest building on Gilchrist (now the home of One Stop Safety Solutions) to what was recently Granny’s Attic. Rosetta Stoll needed more space to expand and that little building just had no more room. “I wanted to have a place for people to sit down. I was losing business plus fixing lunch in a small, galley kitchen was difficult.”
Because of limited restroom space, Stoll must confine her seating number to 10 people. “With the pocket park across the street, that’s a good place for a sandwich lunch and I’ll have a bistro table in front but that, too, has to be counted in as part of the 10.”
In the beginning, Stoll will continue her soups, sandwiches and baked potatoes. In time she would like to increase to a 5 a.m. breakfast opening through the 2 p.m. coffee drinkers. “I’ll just see where God takes it; He is the platform for this business.” She should be opening soon but there’s no set date as hurdles still must be jumped.
Dan Brecht is expanding the Wandering Hermit into what was, (several years ago) Marguerite’s. There has been a mezzanine added to match the one in the Wandering Hermit. Two apartments are being added above what is now two separate stores. The door that was once access between Marguerite’s and RodLee Men’s Wear (where the Wandering Hermit is) will be reopened for movement between the two.
“The addition will be basically a kids’ store,” said Brecht. Since the shutting down of Shopko, former teacher/now businessman Brecht will carry a line of school supplies as well as lots of kids’ books. The huge supply of used books will now have a place to be displayed. Brecht is shooting for an August 1 opening.
A great deal of remodeling is being done on what was Oma’s Bakery. After a five-year hiatus from Wheatland, Holly (Eisenbarth) Wendling will be opening 307 Roots Salon. (The name came from, of course, our area code and Roots from both hair roots and that she is returning to her roots, the place where she grew up.) Currently, the salon will be manned by Holly and her daughter Shelby who is a message therapist. There are also two tanning beds
The front has been reconfigured to put the door on the west. Inside, the sheetrock has been removed to reveal the old brick made right here in Wheatland. But there are many other things about this place that are unique but not up to be talked about just yet. Surprises will be in store for the clientele. The opening is set for Monday, July 29.
Next door to the Community Thrift Store will be Quint Essentials – A Unique Boutique & Antiques. The owners of this store are Sally (Powers) Nichols who will do sewing alterations and handle home decor and Quincy Powers who makes custom furniture. As well, they will have consignment pieces by local artists.
Part of the store will be open by August 1 but the real opening will be in October.


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