Downtown treat and blast

Wind broke the window at the corner of 9th and Maple Streets.

WHEATLAND – Downtown Trick or Treating was a wind blown event last Saturday in Wheatland. Wind is nothing new to residents, but the voraciousness managed to blow over street barriers and even broke out a large window in the Masonic Lodge building.
“I drove by at 8 am and it was fine, half hour later it was all busted out, must have been a gust of wind,” explained Craig Henderson.  “There was broken glass inside, outside and even in the street.”
He, his daughter Taryn and her children Sage and Matthew, cleaned up the glass and put plywood up on the window before the costumed kids arrived downtown so no one would get hurt.
Even more frustrating is that Marge Scholten had just finished putting the custom lettering for the furniture store on the window that every morning.
Popular costumes this year were blow-up creations with the children inside an inflated character. The costumes were very impressive, but it was somewhat humorous seeing small children battling against the mighty wind in what was essentially a very large balloon. But despite the challenges, a good time was had by grownups and children alike and a lot of candy was passed out and devoured by monsters, fairies, and skeletal dinosaurs.
Just a reminder that Halloween is tonight and there will be many children walking the streets of Wheatland, please be cautious when driving. Safe Trick or Treating for the little ones will be at the Platte County Legacy Home at 6 p.m.


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