Downtown renovation uncovers family momento

Holly Wendling (left) and her daughter Shelby Wendling (right)prepare for a busy day at the newly opened 307 Roots Salon on Gilchrist.

Pat Mitchell
Contributing Writer

WHEATLAND – After a five-year hiatus from Wheatland, Holly (Eisenbarth) Wendling opened her new business, 307 Roots Salon, on Gilchrist, (307) 322-HAIR (4247). The name came from, of course, our area code and Roots from both hair roots and that she is returning to her roots, the place where she grew up.
Monday was opening day and as well as being curious to what all this construction was about, people were glad to see another business in downtown Wheatland.
Interest is great about this old building that started out as Penman’s Grocery Store and at one time was the Moose as well as most recently being Oma’s Bakery.         
The front has been reconfigured to put the walk-in door on the west. You will notice all the glass ‘windows’ on the front, windows that aren’t really windows but a garage door that can be opened!
Inside, the sheetrock was removed to reveal the old brick made right here in Wheatland. Among the bricks are the wooden spacer pegs left there at the time of construction. The high, tin ceilings are original and old barn tin that came from the Wendling’s place lines the south end of the salon area. The floors are also original to the building.
In the back is a massage room which will be Holly’s daughter, Shelby’s practice. As well there are two tanning beds and a manicure area.
In time, Wendling hopes to add a nail tech and another stylist. If you saw her ad in last week’s Merchant and Record-Times, that lists the hours and contact numbers.
But like Paul Harvey’s line—there is THE REST OF THE STORY…
In doing the remodeling for 307 Roots, a hand-written sign was found that has an interesting story. Fred Carlson was written on an old board. Holly didn’t know who it was so she posted it on Facebook and his granddaughter saw the entry.
She got in touch with Holly and told this story:
“I am Julie Artery. I saw the post about Fred Carlson who was my grandfather! My mom was Mabel Carlson Artery, Fred and Julia Carlson were her parents, my grandparents.
“Fred (05/04/1878-04/19/1956) and Julia (05/04/1885-08/01/1975) both immigrated from Sweden and met in the US, then traveled here and homesteaded at Uva.
“Granddad worked on the railroad while Gram worked their land and raised four kids. They later moved to town where Mom was born, and built a home just outside of town on East Oak.
“I would love to have the board with Granddad’s name on it. I’m in Wheatland almost every weekend. I come over from Mitchell and spend the weekend at my folks’ house that I inherited last year when I lost my dad.”
Holly returned the board to Julia and received a picture of the Carlsons and reply.
“I placed the  board at our cabin in the mountains yesterday under a painting done a long time ago by my uncle, Ole Carlson, [also a Swedish immigrant]. …the first thing taken to the cabin over 35 years ago [was] a sign my dad made at Mom’s request. He made it, she painted it and carried it in the last mile on foot as there were no passable roads yet. Welcome to Our Home in Swedish.”
Something made years ago, tucked away in the basement of a downtown building has returned to a family member because renovation brought it to light. Interesting, huh?


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