Do You See What I See?

In the Wind is a weekly column by Mark DeLap

In The Wind

What brilliant staging and incredible timing it was that a star was chosen to shine brightly over Bethlehem. And this year, the “Bethlehem Star” is shining for the first time in 800 years. Obviously, when God sends a birth announcement for His only son, you can’t find a word to describe the magnificence.  

I think that many messages could be preached on Christmas, and believe me when I tell you, I have heard some pretty spectacular teachings surrounding the Christmas story. Two years ago, I had read an account of the swaddling clothes being made of sheepskin for its warmth and its softness.

Nobody saved a piece of it nor recorded the description in script, so common sense and history may be a pretty good teacher. If it was true, I thought how precious it was that he donned the garments that were first given to Adam and Eve – covering the sin and became a symbol for grace and forgiveness.  How apropos that our Savior’s first covering would be lamb.

This year, though, I have thought about that star and about the message. How God sends the solution before the problem arises. He created the animals before he created man and thus the skins before the sins. He created healing before the sickness. And then, there’s the star which was created long before the birth of Christ.

We know this because we have discovered that light takes several hundred and sometimes thousands of years to travel to earth. And isn’t it amazing that the light arrived right on time from a star that was light years away. Perhaps it was a star 400 years away and we can speculate as to the silent period between the testaments.

Perhaps it was a star that was created before God created the earth itself or before He created the foundations thereof. One thing is sure. He had to create it, and calculate exactly how many years it would be, before it would shine on the very night of Christ’s birth. In that hemisphere. After that sunset and before the next sunrise.

God knew He was going to have to send His son. In preparation He made a star. The birth star that would be even as His son, Jesus who is called the “bright and morning star.” And just as He created Jesus, He created each one of us. But before we had a cell of our being established, He had already fashioned healing for the illnesses, blood for the sins, peace for the stresses of this life, and solutions for the problems. And hopefully a recovery from 2020.

When I sing the carols this Christmas I will be facing some pretty steep hills to climb. I will remember as I lay my head down on the pillow on Christmas Eve and gaze up through my window at the innumerable number of stars that my star is out there. And it makes me wonder which star’s light will finally reach me to proclaim that my solution has birthed. Can you see what I see?

And God will get all the glory, I will have peace in the midst of the adversity and His favor will be upon me.

 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” – Luke 2:14

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a starry night.


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