Dialysis treatment on hold for Platte County

The new dialysis facility here in Wheatland was supposed to house four chairs to start and was going to be located at Covenant Lutheran Church which sits at 1863 South Street. Because of Fresinius Kidney Care pulling out, a dialysis option may not be coming to Wheatland.

WHEATLAND – With a final tour of the Fresenius Kidney Care Dialysis Center, the members of a grassroots organization that have had hopes of bringing dialysis to Wheatland had their aspirations come to a screeching halt.

“Fresinius Kidney Care came up to Wheatland surveyed the Covenant Lutheran Church’s old fellowship room,” Marge Scholten said. “We were on track to provide dialysis for four patients to start, but Fresinius has pulled out of the operation and we are back to square one. As of now, we are back to transporting patients from Wheatland to Cheyenne for treatment.”

Scholten who has worked with the dialysis group in trying to secure medical help here in Wheatland has faithfully driven a van to Cheyenne every week carrying patients who are in need of dialysis. She has done that on a volunteer basis.

The group which has had about five meetings and daily email correspondence is aggressive on their moving ahead with the plans for Wheatland Dialysis and are still exploring options to keep hopes alive.

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