County addresses elevator

Library elevator noisy, elevator door slams patrons

WHEATLAND — The Platte County Commission decided to start the process of replacing the problem elevator at the Platte County Public Library as soon as possible during the commission’s regular meeting July 3.
The commission opted to begin the new elevator project rather than pay $10,000 now to fix “something you’ll replace in three months,” Commissioner Eric Johnston said.
“One of the biggest problems is there is no eye right now — maybe you didn’t know elevators had eyes — so if you’re trying to come out the door, it’ll just slam you because it doesn’t have any way of knowing you’re in the door,” Library Director Julie Henion told the commission.
Henion said that was only one of the elevator’s many problems. She mentioned another issue is the loud noise it makes during operation.
Henion, county maintenance supervisor Jim DeWitt and grant writer Lorna Douglas came to the meeting to discuss the library elevator grant and the best way to proceed with the renovation of the elevator, which County Clerk Chris Kanwischer said must be addressed as soon as possible on the advice of County Attorney Doug Weaver.
“Doug said the sooner we move forward, the better,” Kanwischer said.
Commissioners decided to use county funds to match the elevator grant now rather than wait to apply for countywide consensus funds. With that decision, the county can get the elevator project started six weeks sooner.
“I’m pretty sure I’m going to need blood pressure medicine when this is all over,” Henion said.
In other business, the County Commission:
Approved payment of vouchers in the amount of $109,637.41.
Approved the county’s agreement with the Wyoming Department of Family Services, Child Support Enforcement Division for the term ending June 30, 2019, regarding responsibilities and managing child support payments.
Approved the salary increase agreement between the county and the University of Wyoming in the amount of $24,036.
Gave preliminary approval for a collective worker’s compensation plan.
Accepted the proposal for property appraisal services from Duff & Phelps in the amount of $6,000.
Authorized Commission Chairman Steve Shockley to sign two deeds transferring a total of 1.09 acres to the town of Wheatland for the airport fencing project, which Planner Malcolm Ervin noted was 25 years in the making. Ervin said the town has to own the land in order for the FFA to pay for fencing.
Authorized Shockley to grant a 1.66-acre roadway easement to the town of Wheatland for the new Carriage Lane, another necessity for the airport project.
Authorized transfers between accounts to clean up the county books, including:
$1,689.05 from sheriff supplies to vehicle repair.
$1,037.67 from ag extension repair/maintenance to new equipment.
$20,438.53 from detention medical to holiday/overtime in the amount of $2,898.80; detention supplies, $4,407.10; and Board of Prisoners, $13,132.63.
$2,702.41 from 911 dispatch training to holiday/overtime.
$2,232.65 from detention medical to holiday/overtime.
$268.04 from dispatch training to holiday/overtime.


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