Chugwater metal band opens for Dokken

By Creighton Grove and Sonya Middlemas | Staff Writer and Office Manager

CHUGWATER — Peace, Love and Destruction, a metal band based in Chugwater, opened for Dokken, another well-known metal band, in Colorado on July 7. Although this was a great opportunity, this wasn’t the first time the band was able to play at the same shows as other big bands.
Peace, Love and Destruction was formed in 1993, and was originally based out of Denver. As of nine years ago, the band is now based out of Chugwater. “This is a county I have a great affinity for,” Eric Marlatt, the band’s vocalist, said.
Marlatt said the band has opened for many different big bands other than Dokken, including Twisted Sister, Dangerous Toys and Skid Row. When the band first started out, Marlatt said they had huge entourages, sometimes up to 20 people. He also said they had bodyguards for the women in the entourage.
“It’s been an interesting road though,” Marlatt said. Although they have had many member changes, Marlatt said they have had the same drummer for over 20 years. However, Marlatt and his twin brother Shane, the band’s guitarist, have been the “core” of the band.
Over the years, Marlatt said the band has gotten calls to open for different bands. They also participated in Battle of the Bands when the band first started out to make a name for themselves. Marlatt says the band no longer participates in the Battle of the Bands because they don’t like singing for competitive purposes.
The band has a Facebook and YouTube page where fans can follow them. Marlatt said they have some old videos on their YouTube channel, but he hasn’t kept up with it as much as he would like to. However, Marlatt said he is also always open to new help on how to manage the channel. Marlatt said the band has put out a couple of albums and a CD since they’ve started, but they had to re-record a lot because of system failures.
Marlatt said he had the idea for a band since he was three years old, and when he went to college in Torrington, he joined the choral group, which went really well.
“It’s like a five-way marriage,” Marlatt said when asked to describe the band’s relationship. He also said there is a chance the band might do a little bit of light touring, but only on the weekends.
“It’s a heartbreaking career,” Marlatt said. “There’s a lot of promises, a lot of dreams and a lot of shattering of all those things.”
Marlatt said being in a band can be very competitive. However, he also said they’ve built connections with these bands over the years. “It’s great to have a relationship with these folks,” he said.
The band has an upcoming concert on September 30 with Wolf Pack Productions at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado. The band always tries their best to keep fans updated of upcoming shows on their Facebook page, Peace Love and Destruction.

ABOVE: Eric Marlatt (right) and his brother, Shane (left), have been playing together for Peace, Love and Destruction since 1993. There have been several changes to the members of the band, but these brothers have stuck by each other’s side.

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