Cheyenne Coffee Company suffers extensive fire damage

Cheyco1: An electrical fire that started in a fluorescent light fixture in the coffee roasting room of Cheyenne Coffee Company put the business out of commission for six weeks. In that time, they say they didn’t lose one customer. (courtesy picture) Cheyco2: The fire damage at the Cheyenne Coffee Company caused extensive damage to equipment and materials as well as product that they had on hand. (courtesy picture) Cheyco3: Platte County has its own coffee roasters in Bill and Kris Born who roast their specialty coffee and their wonderous blends on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. The Borns transferred from the Midwest to Wyoming 30 years ago and have shared their talents with people all over Wyoming. The Borns are seen getting back to normal and cooking up some of their favorite Wisconsin cuisine in their kitchen. (photo by Mark DeLap)

Local coffee brewing company rebuilding after fire

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