Characters young, aged and mythical attend Community Christmas Dinner

Melissa Grimes brought her daughter, Olivia, to the Community Christmas Dinner for her first Christmas.

WHEATLAND - The Platte County Ministerial Association hosted a Christmas Dinner at the 4-H building for the second year in a row on Christmas Day.
The food was prepared by Lanay Meyer of the Pie Tin Bakery and Catering and costs were shared between the the churches involved in the Association and donations. Servers and cleaners were volunteers from the community and churches.
“It really is a wonderful opportunity to visit with friends and family,” said volunteer Lisa Cecil who brought her family and extended relatives to the meal. “I wish more people would come. This could become a great tradition for our town.”
Attendance was a little lower than last year to eat the beef brisket, ham and all the fixings. Santa was present to greet everyone and small brown bags were handed out with fruit and goodies.
Those little brown bags are part of a church tradition that some say began during the Great Depression. Churches would hold a children’s program with recitations of the Christmas Story from the Bible and music. Following the program, each of the children would receive a little paper sack with peanuts and hard candy. During that time, these were likely the only gifts the children would receive. As times improved, an orange was added to the bottom of the bag. Things aren’t quite so dire for people as they once were - but the tradition remains as a reminder of the generosity abounding in our community.

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