Broomsticks as pool cues - all for Wyoming CARES

Melanie Fischer lines up her blue broomstick for her next shot on the pool table.

WHEATLAND – The brooms were doing more than sweeping at the Landmark Bar last weekend as pool players used them as cues in the annual Broomstick Pool Challenge for Wyoming Cares.
Wyoming CARES is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 for residents of Wyoming who find themselves in need of temporary assistance due to unforeseen circumstances. They concentrate their efforts for residents who often fall through the cracks of available assistance. Wyoming CARES helps Wyoming infants, children, youth, adults and senior citizens for medical and non-medical needs. Funds for Wyoming CARES are raised through volunteer-generated fundraising events, private donations, grants, foundations, memorials, clubs, organizations and corporations.  Money raised in Wyoming, stays in the state for Wyoming residents.
The Landmark Bar has been raising money for the organization for several years as evidenced by the many recognition plaques hanging on the wall of the popular and historic watering hole.
“This year we have 13 participants. We were expecting more, but the flu is going around,” explained Michele Stone. “Everybody involved always has a lot of fun.”
Players may bring their own sweeping implement, or they may use one provided by the business. The broomstick must still be funtional to sweep the floor and the tip cannot be altered. “It takes a lot longer to play a game.”
The entry fee is $25 per person and 30 percent of the profits go to Wyoming CARES. There is cash prize for the first and second place. Local residents participate as well as individuals in town .working temporarily at the power plant. Distributors, mainly Budweiser, Coors Lite and Jagermeister, provided door prizes and t-shirts.
The event raised a little over $500. Levi Filter won first place with a cash prize of $150 and Jared Marker came in second with a prize of $75. Both Filter and Marker donated their winnings back to Wyoming CARES.


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