American Ninja Warrior at Platte County Fair

Daniel Gil, American Ninja Warrior appeared in Wheatland at the Platte County fair to assist with Impact Ministries Warrior Ninja Course.

WHEATLAND – Known for his appearance in the American Ninja Warrior television series, Daniel Gil who is competing this year in American Ninja Warrior 12 made an appearance Wednesday night July 29 at the Platte County Fair.

Gil, known also as Kingdom Ninja leads worship in Houston, Texas, and also is a trainer at Sam Sann’s Iron Sports Gym. According to Gil’s website, he writes, “I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I have always been a fun-loving adventurer, and as a kid I always loved playing outside, climbing trees and participating in team sports. In high school I began to focus my attentions on new passions such as singing, dancing and the performing arts. During that time, I also began leading worship at my home church, Dwelling Place Church.”

The church that brought Gil in is Impact Ministries, Inc. which is an Assembly of God church located at 956 Maple Street, Wheatland, pastored by Jeremy and Lori Haroldson. The reason for bringing Gil in is described by Haroldson as a focus on the community.

“Community has got to be the focus of the church,” Haroldson said. “The church doesn’t survive inside the walls, it survives outside the walls, and so my thought is, what’s our biggest issue in Platte County? We just don’t have enough for kids, so I said, ‘let’s start doing something different.”

There was a special setup of the warrior course July 14 with added obstacles along with obstacles used in last year’s course. The course was over 100 feet long.

In accordance with COVID regulations, each child will have their temperature taken before entering the event and all children will be monitored for signs of sickness. The course will be fully sanitized after each participant goes through the course. Masks will be optional.

“When we contacted Daniel, he said that he would love to be a part of this,” Haroldson said. “So, we started down the process of making that a reality. Daniel and Abby Gil were originally going to be here for the final Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the camp, but because of filming dates, they just announced, it actually conflicted with our camp.”

Plan B was to have Gil record and give the campers “Daniel’s Devos.” During their snack time they are going to be watching a personalized message from Gil daily. He will also be sending an intro video that will be shown to the kids on the day of their competition. Each student then received a voucher to have a private meet and greet with Gil during the Platte County Fair.

For more information about Gil you can visit his website at: or for more information on Impact Ministry, you can go to: or call the church at 307-331-7544.


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