100 Years Ago - 7/17

Taken from the files of the Wheatland Times
July 16, 1919
Courtesy of Platte County Historical Society

“That none of W.K. Mudgett’s family were killed or seriously injured in an auto wreck is due to good luck combined with the next to superhuman exertion of Mr. Mudgett who used his own body to prevent the car from crushing his wife and children.” The family had started on a trip to Centennial via Laramie and were heading up a steep and rocky hill about two miles beyond the Sybille bridge when something in the car between the engine and transmission broke loose and the car started backing down the hill. As the car began to tip, Mr. Mudgett threw his feet to the ground and his shoulder under the upper side of the car and though it continued to slide, he was able to keep it mostly upright until it stopped. His wife and two children were able to crawl from underneath and Mr. Mudgett was left with a severely strained back and shoulders.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Snyder and baby and John Snyder and family were riding in the family car when it turned over throwing all occupants to the ground. Mrs. Snyder suffered a wrist and shoulder injury and the baby was badly bruised, but all other occupants were unhurt.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Norris’ little daughter complained for several days of a sore foot but no reason could be found. She finally refused to walk so her parents took her to the hospital where an x-ray showed that she had a 1 1/2-inch needle deeply embedded in her foot. How it got there, no one knows.
Media Wellman, deputy county assessor, left Friday night for Cheyenne to be married to Rial C. Haven of Denver where they expect to make their home.  Unknown to friends and relatives, Miss Cora Moody and Mr. Thos. H. Britton went down to Denver last month and were married. Miss Moody was a teacher and a bookkeeper at the State Bank and Mr. Britton is a salesman for a musical instrument company. They will make their home in Cheyenne.
Frank Lawson of Douglas was drowned in the Platte last week. The current carried his body away quickly and this companions could not help him. It has not been found yet.
The cornerstone of the new Methodist/Episcopal Church was laid according to the ritual of the church. It contains several historical documents.
The people of Uva were given a treat with the singing and church service conducted by Rev. Chamberlain, evangelist from Chicago. He is staying one more week. Come and enjoy his talents next Sunday.
The railroad crossings above and below the depot are in a deplorable condition. The local buildings used by C&S wouldn’t make good hog sheds—no platform, nothing modern about the office, a freight room that doesn’t hold half the freight, and the waiting room is a public disgrace. We can compel the railroad to straighten up the mess—let’s do it! Let’s pray that the plan for the proposed U.P. cut-off line between Bridgeport and Laramie goes through the heart of Wheatland—they will surely take more pride in their facilities.
The Globe Hotel, formerly owned by Mr. J.J. McCutcheon, has been purchased by John Brown of Cheyenne and Wm. Blake of Uva.
Mrs. Tilda Westover, a resident of Hartville for over a score of years, died in Torrington following an operation. She was a fine example of womanhood, a faithful wife and loving mother with exceptional devotion to her home and family.
The Wheatland Post Office has been upgraded to second class due to the profits it has made in the past year. It will now have three clerks instead of one.


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